Acahela Summer Camp Food Program

Food Service

Camp Acahela employs qualified food service personnel to provide high-quality food for all campers and leaders. Three meals per day are served in the central dining hall, beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with a Friday lunch. A licensed dietitian has reviewed the menus for balanced nutrition. In many cases, bringing specialty supplemental food items with you to camp is encouraged and facilitated. We want your stay at camp to be enjoyable.

Revamp Camp

We became part of the BSA’s “Revamp Camp” program in 2019. This program is a cooperative effort with Penn State University’s Pro Wellness Group based at Hershey Medical Center to provide healthier food options in the Dining Hall and healthy snack options in the Trading Post. As a result of our 2019 performance, we have received certification from Penn State and the BSA for this program. We continue to develop our healthy foods program with annual assistance from Penn State Wellness Group.

Another part of our Revamp camp program is to be prepared for special dietary needs at camp, whether from food allergies, religious reasons, etc. We need your help to be successful in this effort. Please communicate the need for families to submit our Special Dietary Needs form to us at least two weeks prior to your arrival at camp.


Family Night

Tuesday night is Family Night at camp Acahela. All visitors are welcome to join us for a special dinner beginning at 5:45 with our assembly. Dinner will follow immediately after assembly. All families and friends are invited to attend, but reservations must be made in advance (at Sunday check-in). Cost: $10.00 adults, $6.00 children under 10. Unit leaders are asked to advise visitors about camp procedures, especially regarding parking, pets, food & wildlife, and smoking. The camp staff will hand-stamp all Tuesday visitors as they enter the gates, instead of using the wristbands.

Meals for Visitors and Additional Leaders

Meals for visitors and additional leaders throughout the course of the week may be purchased at the Camp Office. Please make reservations at least one day in advance, if possible. Cost is $28.00 per day or separately: Breakfast $8.50, Lunch $9.50, Dinner $10.50. Help us keep our fees low!

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