Camp Advancement and Specialty Awards


We remind you that the purpose of Cub Scout Resident Camp is to have FUN.

Our philosophy of advancement is that IF A CUB SCOUT HAS FUN AND IS PROVIDED A FULL PROGRAM, THEY WILL ADVANCE. On the other hand, if a Cub Scout comes to camp and does nothing but work towards advancement, the program is certainly incomplete, and they may not have fun at all. By offering the Cub Scouts a full, varied program, including swimming, boating, hiking, studying nature, and so much more, we provide them with a fun time, a full program, and a multitude of advancement opportunities.

The camp provides leaders with an advancement form that lists advancement opportunities that the Scout may participate in while at camp. These advancement opportunities may include rank requirements for Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light adventures. In all circumstances, Cub Scouts pass requirements on these forms through participation in the normal camp program, the camp’s special programming opportunities, or through “in site” activities. Den leaders are responsible for signing off the requirements completed by each individual Scout.

We believe that camp is a blend of advancement opportunities and outdoor scouting activities that are fun and educational even though they may not be directly related to advancement requirements.



The revisions made in the Cub Scout Advancement Program led to the creation of a new, unique Acahela Specialty Awards Program beginning in 2013 with the creation of the Acahela BB Marksman program. The award was so popular that two more awards were created the next year at the request of camp leaders – the Acahela Archer and the Acahela Naturalist. Subsequently, additional awards were created to make the full list of these awards that can only be earned at Camp Acahela.

Most of the awards require the scout to attend the full week of resident camp. However, the Acahela Adventurer is designed to be earned by any scout at camp.

Scouts are presented with a business card-sized certification at the Friday closing campfire and patches may be purchased for each award at the Trading Post, either by the Pack or by the scout on Friday, before departing camp.

Awards include: BB Marksman; Archer; Aquanaut; Naturalist; Sportsman; Woodsman; Adventurer; and Arrow of Light. Requirements for the awards are given to the Pack Leaders at the Sunday leaders meeting. The Pack tracks progress of their scouts throughout the week.